May 6, 2008
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Claudio Mansur - Eivissa Club House 2008
01-Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown - It's alright I feel it (Maw 12 "mix)
02-AZee - Adriana's Vibe (unreleased track)
03-Stephanie Cookie- love will
04-Maw Feat. Patti Austin- like a butterfly
05-Trip ta Funk- five (damaged dub)
06-Bah Samba- inside out
07-Blue Six- music & wine
08-JK- love foolosophy
09-Solu Music-fade
10-Dennis Ferrer- unconditional love

Claudio Mansur - PODCAST 04 April 2008
01- Frank McComb- lef t alone (Abicah Soul remix)
02-Sunday Showers x Egales- (AZee mash-up mix-treatment)
03-Amera Light & Gadget Ninja- bang bang (BSC Afro remix)
04-Abicah Soul- melodic tree (Abicah Soul Recordings)
05-Jully Black (Alix Alvarez remix)
06-Keith Thompson- six o' clock (BSC Instrum. mix)
07-BSC Project- I got love for you
08-Tamara Wellons- like rain(JM vocal mix)
09-AZee & Julian bendall - Afternoon Mix
10-JK - Love Foolosophy
11-280 West feat. Diamond Temple- fly (roots instrum.)

Claudio Mansur - PODCAST 03. Recorded in 2005 @ BSC Studios

01-Frankie Valentine - scrap iron rebel (12 inch mix- Avex USA)Claudio Mansur - PODCAST 03
02-Blaze feat. Joi Cardwell- be yourself (King Street Records)
03-Nuspirit Helsinki feat. Kasio - take it back (Guidance Recordings)
04-Ambrosia - that 's how much I love you (Shelter)
05-New Jersey Connection- love don't come easy (Carnival Records)
06-Detroit Experiment- think twice (Ropeadope records)
07- Mr.Fingers- what about this love (FFRR)
08-Chez Damier and The Cru - the urban cru "Rock Praise" (Atal Records)
09-Silvetti - Voyage of no return (Salsoul Records)

Claudio Mansur - PODCAST 02 January 2008
1- Brazilian Soul Crew - friday night (instr. mix) (Soundmen on Wax)
2-C+M Productions Feat. Marcel - True House Music(Deep Touch Records)
3-The Super-Phonics- Dial for Love (Filsonik dub) (Favouritzm)
4-Motivação feat Amalia - Não Esquece (BSC Sexy Mix)
5-Nina Simone- Black is the color (Abicah Soul Mix)
6-Joi Cardwell & Steal Vibe- Wanderlust ( Sole Channel Main Mix) (Seasons Limited)
7-Brazilian Soul Crew- Brazilian Soul (Original Mix) (Conya Records)
8-Monday Michiru - The right time (Jephte's Konbit Dub) (King Street Records)

Claudio Mansur - PODCAST 01. Xmas Set December 2007
01- BSC - Eu Soul (Abicah Soul Mix) (Symple Soul)
02- Soul Basics - kuchwa (BSC Deep Mix) (Seed Recordings)
03- Dennis Ferrer- how do I let go
04- 2 Brothers of Soul - nu viaje (BSC Levada Mix)
05- Trina Broussard - Losing My Mind (Charles Spencer Mix)
06- BSC - Sinta o groove (Intrumental acid mix)
07- Raw Feat. Ursula Rucker- The Light
08- Bobby Magnifique - My Number One (BSC Dub Space Mix)
09- Tikiman - ruff ( Afefe iku remix)
10- E-Deep - Afrika (Iwanai Music Mix) (Grooveland Music)
11- Ryb Feat Angelita Jimenez - Brazilian Breeze (BSC Deep Mix)

Brazilian Soul Crew’s
(B.S.C) talented trio of Claudio Mansur, Edground and Alexandre Zee emerges to spread the vibe of quality music and its referential sub-genres of contemporary to vanguard, Brazilian, nu jazz, chill beats, r-grooves, Latin-Afro beats, deeply-jazzy and soulful house, all in the framework of their unique signature groove-laced harmonies.

The seed of Brazilian Soul Crew roots bore fruit when Claudio, Edground and Zee met in Taubaté, a small historic city in the Paraíba valley, eighty miles North-East of São Paulo, Brazil.

Edground, the Dj extradoinaire, and well read journalist who counts one of his blessings as ownership in world-respected Grooveland Music, a label exposing the soul of Brazil and its many intra-ethnic connections.

Claudio "the radio show" man, did just that in the 90’s, when his infectious live mixes were heard on three radio stations. Zee, the technical brain of the trio, stems from the world of drivers, patches, workarounds, software and glitches. His religiosity to details gives us the fresh, crisp and warm Brazilian flavors that embodies each of their productions.

Since formalizing their relationship as a group, they have released original gems on Conya Records and Symple Soul. Delicious deserts in the form of remixes are audio delicacies on labels such as Soundmen On Wax, Abicah Soul and Seed, just to name a few.

Creative soul-centered music is the forward-looking path this trio now travels a path that leads to the center stage of the world’s heart.

Current Discography:
BSC - Brazilian Soul [Conya Records]
Remixes by Haldo, Beat Brothes & Can7

Cristian Paduraru- Right Side UP [Next Dimension Music]
BSC Electric Mix & BSC Electric Groove Mix
Bobby Magnifique - Be My Numer One [Abicah Soul]
BSC Space Dub Mix
Deep Y’all of DJ Rico - Focus in My Blues Eyes [Music Plan Records]
BSC Roots Mix
Furniture is Music - Preselected Love [Next Dimension Music]
BSC Broken Mix
DJ Rico- Funk Days [GKF Recordings]
BSC Botina Mix
Motivacao feat Amalia - Dont Forget [Mixed Signals Music]
BSC Paradise Remix
Steve SoulBasics - Kwucha [Seed Recordings]
BSC Deep Remix

Coming ** 2Brothers of Soul - Nu Viaje [Delecto Recordings]
Coming ** Deep Y’all of DJ Rico - Electronic Love [GKF Recordings]
Coming ** Hap meets Juno - Play With Me [Amfibius]
Coming ** Sueno Soul feat Red Lotus - Soul To Soul [Khaimar Music]
Coming ** Amera Light & Gadget Ninja - Bang Bang [99 Carat Recordigns]
Coming ** Keith Thompson - 6 O..Clock [Waking Monster]
Coming ** Patrick Green - Quatanka [Sofitone Recordings]

RyB Feat Angelita Jiminez - Brazilian Breeze [White Label]
BSC Unreleased Deep Mix
Dennis Ferrer - How do Let Go (BSC Tribute Dub Mix) (White Label)

Clubstar Family Ibiza Sessions 2007
Clubstar Family Winter Holidays 2007
Clubstar Sessions 2008

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Alexandre Zee Myspace (
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Claudio Mansur Facebook
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Brazilian Soul Podcast

Azee May Top 10 (Traxsource)
01 Osunlade: The Dating Game / The Promise The Dating Game
02 Miss Yvonne: Confusion (Incl. Abicah Soul Remix)
03 Bobby Magnifique: Be My Number One(REMIXES) Azee Space Dub
04 Abicah Soul: Katumbo Beats
05 Mixed Signals Music: WMC 2008 Sampler Motivacao feat. Amalia - Don't Forget (BSC Dub)
06 Reel People feat. Darien: Alibi (Dennis Ferrer Remixes) Dennis F's Out On Bail Mix
07 Tarek: Desabafo (Incl. John Kumahara Remix) John Kumahara Iwanai Music Dub
08 Steve SoulBasics: Kuchwa Remixes (Incl. Jay Tripwire Remix) BSC Deep Mix
09 Abicah Soul Project: Abicah Soul AbicahSoul (Part2 Peak Mix)
10 Brazilian Soul: Brazilian Soul Crew

Tarek - Desabafo (Grooveland Music) - The EP of the month, Available now in Traxsource