March 22, 2009
posted by PS at 13:43

Hi, dear readers. Today I start a new weekly post (every sunday), where me and CRS, we´ll make the previews about the best and the worst, in music, of the week. The current production music level is not in the best moment as you can see, and this post will be a little tribute for the people who is working ok, and give a warning to the producers who are trying to sale shit with their weird productions. Here the first post. Enjoy :)

The Best:

Anto Vitale feat. Tamara Wellons - Broken Wings (Ian Friday & John Beltran Remixes) (Tea Party Music) - Complete massive package. All mixes are amazing. Im playing 2 versions for set. Incredible! 10/10.

Tarek & Ramirez feat. Cristina Soto - Say Goodbye (Steve Soulbasics, Marc Cotterell, Licksamba, Luife & BSC Remixes) (Grooveland)
- Great new Grooveland Package. Pure deep hot music! BSC & Soulbasics remixes, the best ones of the EP. Super good feedback of the people when yesterday I played it (BSC Remix). My congrats for this pearl. 9.5/10.

Sandy Rivera - House Masters (In The House)
- Basic package with the best stuff of the best times of Sandy Rivera, of KOT. 20 hot classic re-mastered pieces. 20 basic tracks that you must have. 9/10.

Marcelo Cruz, Joe Rizla & Justin Imperiale - Yemaya (DeepNSound) - Incredible new DeepNSound Ep. Smooth afrodeep music. Justin Imperiale' track, is a big big trip. Basic for me. 9/10.

VA - Om PROMO Miami 2009 (Atjazz, Chuck Love, Pezzner Tracks) (Om Promo)
- Excellent WMC promo package from the legendary OM Records. The waited for all, Mercyless, of Fred Everything, Atjazz remix, simply PERFECT. Other tracks of the package, as Chuck Love - Playing With Fire or Florian Kruse & Elmar Schubert - Despegue, highly recommendable too. 9/10.

Cei Bei - Let it Go (Abicah Soul Records)
- Im very happy to see to our friend Stax doing serious music again. Typical smooth Abicah' sound with the hot vocals of the Chicago' legend Cei Bei. I cant stop of play it. 9/10.

Kerri Chandler - Track 1 Revisited (Max Trax)
- A hot Kerri' classic with a new fresh touch. Raw mix and Reel To Reel mix, the best ones. A good oportunity for put this classic in your bag again. 100% recommendable. 8/10.

Martin East Project ft. Jared Douglas - Release (Kapa Music WMC Promo)
- Im very glad for see the Kapa label doing hot music for 1 time, and see to Mr. V doing serious music again. Interesting package, with 2 hots Mr.V' remixes (Mr. V' best times kinda, without his weird ego-rap) and amazing broken beat Martin East' remix. Really interesting. 8/10.

Soltry Sol Presents Company Men feat. Taino - Love Shine (Terry Hunter Remixes) (Soltrenz)
- The surprise of the week for me. Im not very big fan of Terry, but this track is massive. Hot vocal, hot beats, hot instruments (see the hottest piano... sounds as the best BSC' sound!), and perfect for the dancefloor. The feedback of the people yesterday in my set was incredible. I ll play this one a lot of times more. 8/10.

Jac Mohh - Cool (Mab Music)
- Afrodesia' new hot release. 3 tracks, 2 of smooth deep house and other (my favorite) of broken beat. Ideal for first hour. Afrodesia on fire again :). 8/10.

Ursula Rucker - Electric (King Britt Remix) (FiveSix Media CDR)
- The best track of the momment for me. Great present of the master King Britt. I cant stop of play it. Dopeness!! 10/10.

Glenn Underground - Afro Gente (SuperB CDR)
- When I played this one for first time the last thursday, the people asked to me, "what is it???", "what style is it???". I didnt replay to then... I cant stopped of dance and alucinated with this pearl. AMAZING! Very soon in vinyl. 10/10.

Conya Doss - What I'd do (Pablo Martinez Remix) (CDR)
- New remix of this bomb of Conya Doss. Very different than Jaycee' hot remix. Other good work of my friend Pablo Martinez. My congrats, and happy WMC, my friend .). 8/10.

Candy Apple Edits
- Amazing ZIP package with a couple of new and old edits of Martin Lodge, "Candy Apple". Inside, 2 super bombs, Paul Weller - Wishing On A Star (Candy Apple Edit) & Musiq - Visions (Candy Apple Edit). Perfect production, perfect mix, perfect sound.... The perfection did remix. The people was crazy when I played yesterday those 2, in special with Paul Weller'.... There in Toloño, a lot of fans of The Jam i saw... they was crazy when they listened this pearl. 10/10.

The Worst:

LooweeR - Cant Get Enuff (Omi Tutu) - I dont know how somebody can put this joke for sale... Bad sound (problem in the stereo wave), cheesy and 0 progression in the track. Track totally empty and without some groove. Infamous. 3/10.

Fresh Sol - Floor Riot (Nef Nunez Remix) (Fresh Sol)
- Arrhythmic, without sense, with a strange organ 90' fired sound... In the poor line of Jose Gonzalez productions. Traxsource would must put a limit in the quality of his sales. WEIRD. 2/10.

Slam Mode - Synthetic EP (Desvio)
- A lack of respect. What is this??? How can Traxsource catalogate this as "Deephouse"? Please, Traxsource friends, you must remove this from your site. Slam Mode sucks. 0/10.

Weysa Dya - Connected Minds & Deep House Meditation (Cyberjamz)
- The big joke of the week. Sammy Rock' and his label Cyberjamz, are destroying the scene. I cant understand how an artist of the quality of DJ Buzzard can colaborate in this weird project. This Weysa Dya sings in the level of my little sister... About the Jadkat remixes, the better is not say nothing. Interesting see the cover of the EP... The new Andy Warhol here lol. -2 / 10.

Hanna Hais - I Say Gole (Lego & Boddhi Satva Remixes) (Atal)
- New music attack of Atal records, with radio edits incl, and a weird Boddhi remix. Radio FG sound 100%, and a bit more dirt the name of Boddhi with this joke. Infamous. 1/10.

Caroline Mendez aka Sheltergirl - Set Free (Dsharp)
- This is a example of the status of the current scene. Everybody can produce and try to sale mp3 now. I remember to this sheltergirl months ago chatting in cyberjamz chat, talking about vanalities and shit there. Months later, she is a producer. Joeflame, you passed the limit again. Waiting for the new one of CELESTE ALEXANDER, other new super chatter-producer, in sheltergirl level. I cant wait for this :). -3/10.

DJ Tattoo' new package Edits
- Mr Tattoo, do you have the tag of be the most funny remixer of the world. You re winning in the last times to your opponent, the legendary CJ GIOVANNI. Pure comedy. N.C.