March 30, 2009
posted by PS at 08:01
The Best:

Atlantic Starr - Send For Me (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix) [MKTL US] - Amazing remix in vinyl format of this classic of the duo MK / TL. The best remix of this great track for the momment.
Incredible the feedback of the people when I played this one the last saturday night. Is a big present for the house music lovers this one in vinyl. Really dope and effective. The best of the week. 9/10

Jozana - Born in Exile (Private World Records) - The surprise of the week. Complete super EP's with some of hot Jozana's tracks (the super and basic for me since months ago "I Get That" incl.) and a amazing garage - brokenbeat track (my favorite of the package) "I remember". Good work Jozana. 8/10.

Bertrand Dupart & Gwen - Lolita (Incl. Rocco Remix) -
Typical Rocco' product. Techy stuff. Perfect for the dancefloor. Not is the best Rocco, but spectacular dancefloor' feedback. 7.5/10

Mustafa - Onde Anda Meu Amor (Incl. Anto Vitale Remix) - Finally out this week this old and fired release (I got original and Anto' Original in 2007) but with the super surprise of the unpublished Anto' instrumental mix. This track was the track of close my saturday' set. The people was crazy with this bomb. The sound of the vocal tracks maybe re a bit fired, typical brazilian beach sound, but the instrumental, its really a big bomb. This track ll sound for a long time in my mixes. 9/10 (for the Anto' instrumental)

Chez Damier Presents Unite Therapy 1 (Balance Alliance) - The return of the Chicago' deephouse legend, the master Chez Damier. Super complete vinyl, pure deep, pure groove. Incl. remixes of DJ Ali, Matthew Bandy & Ron Trent. Complete and super recommendable (if is in stock). 8/10

Windimoto - Dont Let Me Leave Alone (Tea Party Remix) (Phuture Sole Promo) - Amazing again our dear Ian Friday. Ian' tracks are the good feeling, the good vibrations in the public, and the quality for the set. Hope that ll be released in vinyl too, this is a BOMB. 9/10

The Worst:

Harold Brandon - Happiness & Who Loves You (Consortium Muzik) - Indecent bad new re-re-remake of the 1000 times remixed "Happiness" + 2 absurd more tracks of Harold. I dont know for where take it. Interesting to see too the other invention of the week of my friend Big Cee, with a scandalous strange compilation of fired tracks of Abicah Soul (check Afrodesia lol).1/10

Ricardo Miranda - Generational Journey (Shines) - When Ricardo works with GK, always the same result. Here a big example of it. Soso and no sense stuff. INFAMOUS. 2/10

Wil Milton & Rodney Carter - Fly Away (Blank It) - The great method of Wil (autolabel, single ep mood, the same singers) not is giving good results in the last releases. Soso, deficiencies in the mix (voice, beats, instruments), track not mastered (always with Wil) and poor feedback of the people (I tried the vocal track the thursday in El Nido and me and the people was bored with it). Wil, my friend, wake up. 3/10

Pablo Fierro - Deep Skyline EP & Uncle James - The Godfather (Nu Deep & GKF) - The continuos joke of Gotta Keep Faith Records continues x2 in this WMC week. I dont want comment anything about those 2 "pearls" of the ep... very soon you ll see those in Traxsource for 7.98$ (lol), and you ll know about that Im talking...A new tribute incl. to "our president" Obama in the Pablo's release... This tribute comes from Spain. Amazing. NC

Peteblas - Move It On EP (Incl. Boddhi Satva Remix) (Deeper Shades Of House) - The new cheap invention for make money of Lars Behrenroth in this occasion touched bottom. His politicy of release with new pseudo-producers without quality (as Agrosi or this Peteblas) for try win more money for himself, in this 9th ref., gave a weird results again. Pseudo soso-minimal-deep without groove and sense, with simple repeated beat with strange and empty synths, and with the name of our dear Boddhi Satva, devaluating himself for momments, with a infamous remix of him (you must pay attention in how quits the "melody" at 6:07, amazing wrong edit).
Product totally poor and bad produced, a new insult to the good music, pure Traxsource' meat. Mr. Lars, Please, you do not try to fool more people. NC

The rest of stuff of this WMC week, you can imagine how is the quality...